We are a diverse team of individuals from London and across the world, bound together by a desire to disrupt the market as much as possible. After all, why join the Navy when you can be a pirate?

What We Value

Collective Spirit

No one voice is superior to others; problems are best solved together, in partnership and with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Doing the Brave Thing

We are paid to shake things up, not take the easy route. It takes guts to challenge and push against the grain.

‘Good Enough’ isn’t Good Enough

Never settle. If it feels comfortable, then you’re not doing it right. Standout means just that, standing out, not rubbing shoulders with your competitors.


Larissa Vince

Larissa Vince

Chief Executive Officer

Raquel Chicourel

Chief Strategy Officer

Andy Jex

Andy Jex

Chief Creative Officer

Charlotte Kinloch

Chief Financial Officer