BRIT Awards 2024

Hilton Honors

A partnership this big, demanded a big statement. To celebrate Hilton’s inaugural year as a sponsor of The BRIT Awards, we super-sized icons of a classic Hilton stay and brought them to London’s prestigious Park Lane for some eye-ball grabbing faux-OOH executions. During the run up to the awards themselves, a giant BRITs statuette was seen towering over the Hilton on Park Lane, rocking a fetching hotel bathrobe. The morning after, we hung a giant ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign from the building because the next best thing to a night partying with stars of the global music scene, is enjoying a restful morning after. With over 2.8M views, 64% of which came through organic reach, and even comments from Paris Hilton, we can’t wait for next year.

The Results

Organic Reach
Hilton’s best-peforming YouTube Short
Outperformed all Hilton
benchmarks by +80%


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